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60 Day Challenge - January 2019

Monkey Bar Gym - 60 Day Challenge
Learn to train for all that life throws at you!
January12 – March 13, 2019
The MBG 60 Day Challenge will teach you how to have incredible functional strength & stamina. To dramatically increase your range of motion and decrease aches and pains. To get leaner, stronger, healthier than ever before.
This is the perfect way to get the expert instruction and accountability of a personal trainer without the cost. The first thing that we do with all Challengers is help create your MAP or Massive Action Plan.
1. Pick Your Goal
2. Find your baseline body composition and physical evaluation.
3. Set Training Schedule
4. Make nutrition adjustments
5. Follow your live-with plan for 60 days
6. Reach your goals!

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 60 day(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Jan 12, 2019
End Date: Mar 13, 2019
Enrollment End Date: Feb 1, 2019
Payment Terms
Price: $350.00

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First Installment  $350.00

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